The (Un)original to come under the hammer in week #2 is Circle, a hand painted circle executed in one swift movement. It was inspired by Giotto, one of the most influential artists of the Renaissance. When asked to demonstrate his painting skills to Pope Boniface VIII, who was looking to commission a great artist, instead of submitting a figurative drawing Giotto produced a perfectly executed hand-drawn circle. If the artwork doesn’t get sold before next Monday 11am, it will be destroyed.

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JAKBOX is a boundary-busting artist-led collective, proud to present UNDER THE HAMMER, a new artwork created by Simon Williams, with more than a nod to Marcel Duchamp’s use of the "readymade" and this year's centenary of his Fountain!


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The first artwork to come under the hammer is a reimagining, 100 years after its creation, of one of the most influential artworks of the 20th century. The piece is a porcelain urinal, signed "M. Lee 2017" and titled Shower.

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An architecture graduate and owner of a major theatrical design company, Simon Williams’ hats have been many and varied.  From performance art to painting pavement reproductions of the famous masters and being crowned Time Out’s Street Artist Of The Year, Simon has always known how to grab the public’s attention. After spending the past two decades building a successful design company, Feast Creative, Simon has turned his attention to his own artistic endeavours. Without the confines of a brief his art, like his design, is characteristically impactful and vivid.