What is Under The Hammer?

JAKBOX, a boundary-busting artist-led collective, presented UNDER THE HAMMER, created by Simon Williams.

JAKBOX held 17 weekly auctions of (Un)originals, commencing 17th April. Only one lot was offered for sale each week, at 11am every Monday. The auction closed at 11am on the following Monday, when the next lot was revealed. Each week’s offering was sold to the highest bidder, with no reserve; if the lot remained unsold, the work was destroyed. Its destruction was filmed and posted on the UNDER THE HAMMER website.

Playing with the idea of what is ‘original’ in art, the lots were pastiches, or near replicas of works by well-known artists, in any medium; they were homages to works which have inspired or impacted Simon.

UNDER THE HAMMER took a wry look at the shift from a time when rather staid art salerooms offered private views for potential connoisseur buyers. Today, a piece of art may be bought for a few pounds on ebay or, at the other end of the spectrum, vast sums may change hands for a piece by a ‘name’.

For further information, please contact Morgane at [email protected] or ring 020 7428 1630.