Burnt Yellow

Burnt Yellow


Burnt Yellow

Burnt Yellow the new [Un]original realised by Simon William for UNDER THE HAMMER this week is inspired by Yves Klein’s work. Klein is a famous French post war artist (50’s). He is notably known for his monochrome of the colour of an intense blue of his own, known as the International Klein Blue: IKB.

William’s artwork is a tribute, first, to the Blue Sponge Relief, an artwork Klein realised in 1960; It is a monochrome in which he included natural sponge. Then, it takes inspiration from the Fire Paintings (1961), which Klein did in the France’s major destructive testing laboratory with gas powered flame propagation equipment.

Those two artworks remain the most elemental and spiritual of Yves Klein works.

If the artwork doesn’t get sold before next Monday 11am, it will be destroyed.

Name: Burnt Yellow

Date: May 2017

By: Simon Williams, JAKBOX

Materials: Foam, Paint, Wooden frame, fixings

Signed: Yes

Height: c. 140cm

Width: c. 100cm

Depth: c. 8cm

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