Cycle Path

Cycle Path


Cycle Path

UNDER THE HAMMER presents you “Cycle path”, William’s [Un]original for week 14, inspired by the Boyle Family, a group of collaborative artists (wife, husband and children). They are best known for their Earth studies; highly accurate casts of randomly selected surfaces.

Williams was first exposed to these works at the exhibition Beyond Image - Boyle Family at the Hayward Gallery in 1986. They recreate the form of the ground by combining real material from the site (stones, dust, twigs etc) with paint and resins. By decontextualizing randomly selected subjects the Boyle Family push the viewer to take another look on our environment and suggest new interpretations. 

For this week’s artwork, Williams used the same technique as his Foils series to capture the texture of a Camden cycle path and by creating this ground’s footprint Williams would like to draw people’s attention on urban textures that surround us.

If the artwork doesn’t get sold before next Monday 11am, it will be destroyed.

Name: Cycle Path

Date: July 2017

By: Simon Williams, JAKBOX

Materials: Matte Black Wrap Cinefoil, Paint, Frame and Fixing

Signed: Yes

Height: c. 122 cm

Width: c. 122 cm

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