This week’s (Un)original is inspired by the German fine art photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. Known for his investigation into the photographic mediums foundations and his innovative use of space in his photographic installations, he was the first photographer and also the first non-British person, to win the Turner Prize.

In this weeks piece Simon has used a Tillmans work more as a tool than a source of inspiration. Reflecting is part of an ongoing series where Simon uses artists works as mirrors to take self-portraits, with this piece is from a recent exhibition at the Tate Modern in London. These works turn the art object into a means of creating a new work, and are a homage, a transformation and a theft all at once, but one we think Tillmans would enjoy.    

In characteristic Williams style he neither asks for permissions or validation from the artist and gallery, simply treating the work as another part of the urban fabric in which he exists. Another surface to be explored, captured and ultimately used in the service of creating art.   

If the artwork doesn’t get sold before next Monday 11am, it will be destroyed.


Date: June 2017

By: Simon Williams, JAKBOX

Materials: 12 colour inkjet print

Signed: Yes 

Height: c. 137 cm

Width: c. 103.5 cm