This week’s (Un)original is inspired by the Swiss electronic musician Dieter Meier, notably known for Yello, a band that he created with Boris Blank. Meier is also a conceptual artist and through this week’s UNDER THE HAMMER artwork, Simon Williams is sharing with you one of his favourite Dieter Meier’s work.

In 1972, as part of the German organisation Documenta 5, Meier installed a commemorative plaque at the railway station in Kassel that reads: "On 23 March 1994, from 3 to 4 pm, Dieter Meier will stand on this plaque". And 22 years on from that unveiling, Meier kept his promise.

Here is this week’s UNDER THE HAMMER [Un]original. By means of a repurposed framed Canaletto print (sourced from a local charity shop) Williams is putting an hour of his future life up for auction. By buying this week’s artwork you be will ensured to be tracked and found by Simon Williams in 22 years.

If the artwork doesn’t get sold before next Monday 11am, it will be destroyed.

Name: Reunite

Date: June 2017

By: Simon Williams, JAKBOX

Materials: Framed Canaletto print

Signed: Yes 

Height: c. 80 cm

Width: c. 69 cm

Depth: c. 2.5 cm