Simon Williams has decided for this week's UNDER THE HAMMER to put the sculptor Richard Long in the spotlight. Long is one of the most well-known British land artists. Land art (Earth art, environmental art or Earthworks) is an artistic movement that emerged in the 60’s-70’s predominantly in Britain and North America. It is made in a natural environment or stages natural elements and material.

Most of Richard Long work is based on walks he made, this is also the focus of Williams' for this week’s [Un]original SIDESTEP.

One of the most famous works of Richard Long “A Line Made by Walking”, made in 1967, is a photograph of the path left by the impact of his feet on grass, in Bristol his native city. This fixed line of movement established a precedent that art could be a journey.

Williams decided to transfigure this famous piece and adapted it to his own environment. A line representing a walk made though Camden High Street's crowds has been drawn on a map and combined with photographs of street views. 

Name: Sidestep

Date: July 2017

By: Simon Williams, JAKBOX

Materials: High Quality Gloss Inkjet Print

Signed: Yes

Height: c. 35 cm

Width: c. 100 cm